Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas fail!

Saw Cirque du Soleil in Kingston on Monday night (after a massive dinner) and declared Diet Time! after watching those sinewy bodies doing things no body should be able to do while I mowed on pastries, downing them with wine. Who the buck proclaims diet time during the Christmas season?

Started heading to work yesterday, but turned around because sitting in traffic was not my idea of a day at Disney and my book on tape had just ended, leaving me no choice but to listen to the radio (ears. bleeding). Fanstastic, I thought. This will give me a chance to wrap all the gifts! Wouldn't you know that I ran out of tape halfway through? And there were no more Jersey Shore's PVR'd. What a waste of a snow day.

Read the girls the Little Drummer Boy last night and cried. Who does that? For some reason the story made me so profoundly sad, and as we were singing the pa rum pum pum part I started crying, traumatizing the 8 and under crowd. Duh.

The advent activity for last night was star gazing. I wrapped my charges up and out we went in a blizzard. I was determined to see a star, as were they. Cloud coverage hindered that activity, so I convinced them a passing airplane was a shooting star yay! lets go inside now.

And now settle something for me - Jo's Santa wrapped every freaking item in his stocking, down to a toothbrush. My family's Santa did not. What does your Santa do? (Please say your Santa does it the Meanie way!) Keep in mind there is a tape shortage at my house.....


Laura said...

My Santa was the Meanie Santa. I didn't know wrapping was an option as a kid. lol Now you can get away without the wrapping because Santa is "green". Right? :) (p.s. Can't watch the little Drummer Boy movie...always cry.)

Lynn said...

We definitely never, ever wrapped stuff in stockings. The first time I saw someone do this (an old boyfriend), I did not understand it at all. The stocking *is* the wrapping, is it not?

Little Red Hen said...

I used to wrap everything in the stocking in white tissue paper, always white. Then one year, I decided that Santa really doesn't have time to wrap all those little toys and candy and he would probably just dump a bunch of stocking stuffers into his sack so now it's just the socks & underwear that get wrapped but still in white tissue paper.