Thursday, September 23, 2010

I had a terrible dream last night. I dreamt that Grace and I had a horrible fight. It was a balls out yelling and screaming match, and she threatened to run away from home. I reacted by yelling fine! You do that! She was her real age in my dream, 8 years old. She had on her pink sparkly sneakers, shorts and the little pageboy cap she has been favouring lately. I don't know what the fight was about, but it was horrible, and in my dream I rationalized my horrible reaction by saying to myself she'll turn around and come home in no time. Then it became night time in my dream, and still no sign of Grace. And a snowstorm was suddenly whipped up. I felt physically sick to my stomach in my dream. I drove around the neighbourhood, in the blizzard, looking for her. Knocking on friends' doors, asking them if they had seen her. I can't even explain the anxiety I was feeling, it was off the charts. I wanted to wake from my dream so badly, I was losing my mind but couldn't wake up. In my dream I shakily called 911, to officially report her missing, reeling with different realities that could happen to lost 8 year old girls, in shorts and sneakers, in a snow storm. I wanted to wake up so badly from this nightmare but just couldn't. And then, a little voice called out to me - "Mommy"? and again, more insistent "Mama"? I searched for her frantically in my dream, not able to find where the voice was coming from. I then realized the little voice was actually waking me from my night terror. My Grace was calling for me from her room down the hall. She pulled me from my nightmare. And she only wanted to say hi and have a cuddle.

I believe our brains work on levels that we don't understand. And last night I truly believe that somehow, Grace, in her sleep, sensed I was suffering in my own slumber and she came to my rescue.

Do you think I'm crazy?


Lynn said...

Man, that is so hard to read. I absolutely felt your tension and fear. I can't imagine how horrible it was.

I agree with you that families have an almost extra-sensory way of knowing how the others are feeling. I'm so glad to hear that Grace came to your rescue.

karen said...

@Lynn - it was so horrible. I don't think I came close to describing how awful it was :(

The Maven said...

Kids are insanely intuitive. It's a shame we start ignoring those extra senses as we get older.

And yeah, I think you're crazy, but not because of your dream. LOL (((hugs)))

alison said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. I can't count the number of times that I'll think all of a sudden that I should call my mum (who lives in Windsor) and when I do, something big has just happened, good or bad; or I'll find that she was just about to call me.