Monday, June 22, 2009

• How do single parents cope when hit with an illness that just knocks you on your rump? Last Tuesday I left the office, pretty much on my hands and knees, feeling death crawling all over my body. For the next three days it took all my energy to get from my bed to the couch and back again. Usually on a sick day I can pull myself together for the ½ hour it takes to drive the girls to school. Not last week. No way. Probably a good thing as I would have scared small children with death-like pallor. Boo virus!

• The good thing that came from being sick was Mad Men on Rogers on Demand. Oh how I love this show. I may have to stay up past my bedtime to watch the remaining episodes. While I don’t necessary want to be a 1950’s housewife, I sure as hell would like to dress like one (with the exception of the pointy boobs – how was that ever in style?) So fun. Such a great series. Yay virus!

• My near death experience last week got me back into my favourite skirts that I couldn’t otherwise fit into – yay virus!

• Almost looking into the light last week has me behind on everything from laundry to cooking to bathing the children to bringing myself to picking up the macaroni noodle under the table that I have been eyeing for the past 5 days. Boo virus!

• One of my dearest friends came for whirlwind visit this weekend arriving Friday leaving Sunday. I know how difficult this was for her as she has three under 6 at home, but wow, was it ever great to see her, and we picked right up where we last left off 3 years ago. Those are the friends you want to hang on to. At least my sickness timed itself well and got of my system before she arrived. Yay virus!

• Being on the couch allowed me to watch the veritable festival of activity that takes place in our back yard. I now realize that yes, birds actually do use the bird feeders, as do the squirrels and chipmunks. And, we have birds living in the dollar store birdhouses that the girls decorated last year! These little houses look like Ugly Betty threw up all over them, but apparently birds like the festive look. Yay virus!


xup said...

Fortunately, it has only happened once in 16 years that I was too sick to leave my bed. The child happened to be sick at the same time, which made things easier since all she wanted to do was sleep. All I really had to do was crawl into the kitchen for water for us both once in a while. Glad you're on the mend and will maybe be able to enjoy the lovely weather this week

Nat said...

I don't know but The Man used to travel a lot. There was one day I actually caved and call my mom in for back up. Le sigh, I never call for help.

Man we were sick.

alison said...

Fingers crossed this hasn't happened to me yet. Once I had a stomach virus and couldn't get more than 20 feet from a bathroom. I just kept the kids at home that day, plunked them in front of the TV and then told them "Mummy's going to lie down now. Only come and see me if it's really important." Fortunately it was a 12-hour bug.