Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have so many things to blog about, and I'm a little bit ADD right how (self-diagnosed after spending a week in the States and seeing way too many commercials for medication for said ailment: scattered, yup, unable to focus, check, trouble sleeping, yup, trouble deciding what to blog about, yup).

Sooooo, because I opted to not medicate myself (didn't like the sound of the side-effects of some of the meds - particularly "watery bowls" - loved the way the announcer tried to race through that particular side-effect) I was wondering if y'all could help me choose what to write about first:

1) Grace's birthday

2) Edie's birthday

3) trip to Disney

4) days spent on the ocean

5) shark sighting

6) flight home (actually, not sure if I'm ready to re-visit that one yet)

So. What should I attempt to focus on first?


A. & J. said...

trip to disney

Anonymous said...

Hello?! Sharks, please.

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator

alison said...

Um, I wanna hear about days spent on the ocean, because when I get off the computer, I have to put on snow pants, my big parka, and go snowblow my driveway. So I want to hear about WARM.