Friday, December 07, 2007

'Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all through the house, a mother was thinking "My kids don't need a damn thing".

Seriously, we went to get rid of some toys to make room for the inevitable onslaught of new toys, and mistakenly did it in the presence of the two rugrats. All of a sudden, the dingiest, most worn, least played with toys suddenly became "My Most Specialist Toy in the World!" and any effort to get rid of some extra crap was kaiboshed (sp?)

I am going to go through this crap (I mean Most Specialist Stuff) and ditch the broken and donate the unused.

On that last note of charity, Grace has expressed interest in doing "something" charitable this year. Any suggestions? I get to take a volunteer day at work and would like to do something special with her. Has anyone done something like this with a 5 1/2 year old before? Work at the food band for a few hours? Put Christmas baskets together? I'm open to suggestions.


Mrs. Spaghetti Bender said...

That is such a great idea. I personally don't have any kids but I think it is great that you are willing to do some volunteer work with them.

I won't be much help since I volunteer with my works charity. But what about volunteering at an old age home ... sorry for not being politically correct, I mean retirement community. Or even at a childrens hospital or the humane society?

Let us know how it goes.

Sam said...

I agree, a retirement community would be lovely. What about calling and asking about a few people that don't get too many visitors this time of year. It might mean something special to have someone come and visit. The humane society is always looking for volunteers to play and pet the cats. I know ours is, that would be great. What about calling the Womens Shelter and asking if they would like some gently used toys, they might think that it is fantastic. You will have to let us know how the volunteering goes.