Monday, September 24, 2007

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, ...

On Saturday, we had to say good bye to a wonderful friend. A friend, who mercifully gave us a break from life every weekend for an hour or two. A friend, who served as an elixir for cranky pants and meltdowns. A friend, who initially would visit sometimes three times a day, then two, and then weaned us down to one visit per day. A friend, who was hard to find and who is now equally hard to bid an adieu to.
We are saying good bye to Edie’s nap. I realized it was finally time to do this, when, after an hour long power nap on Saturday, Edie insisted on partying like it was 1999 until eleven o’clock on Saturday night. You have to understand. If I’m not out drinking at this hour on a Saturday night, I’m hopefully blissfully lounging on the couch watching a movie with Jo, WITHOUT a rugrat at my feet. Evenings are kid-free and I feel pretty strongly about this. And so, we will have to endure that rough transition from happy, well-rested child (who is difficult to put to bed at night) to a child who is prone to magnificent, dramatic five alarm meltdowns over something as simple as a blemish on an apple (no, really).
I feel a little cheated with the whole nap phenomena. Grace was never a great napper, and gave up the nap pretty much the same day I realized I was pregnant with Edie (oh God, I was so tired!)
Edie would always nap like a champ at day care, but not so much at home. She would tease us with 45 minutes here and there, but never anything solid. It’s only recently that it seems she would sleep as long as we would let her, but, of course, that causes the aforementioned issue of wanting to partake in the excitement of our household in the evening (I guess a 2 1/2 year sees the potential of excitement in laundry, dishes and lunch making).

And so, good bye Nap, thanks for the memories.


alison said...

I'm sorry you're losing such a wonderful friend. Leah gave up her naps at the age of 2 3/4, co-incidentally the same week that I came home from the hospital with Rachel. I feel your pain.

Right now the issue at our house is how to keep Rae awake for dinner. As we come into the house after work (me) and school/daycare (them), Rachel's eyelids are drooping and I want to at least get some food into her before she crashes for the night. Also, naps started at 5 p.m. have a nasty habit of ending around 2:30 a.m.

mamatulip said...

I feel your pain.