Tuesday, June 12, 2007



I'm tall-ish therefore I'm old-ish

Grace and I got into an argument tonight....a little more heated on my end than hers (I don't think she realized it was an argument). We were talking about my family, and talking about the order of ages of everyone in my family. It's obvious Nanny and Grandad are OLD because they have the "crinkles". My brother and I are apparently about the same age because we are about the same height (actually, he's got five years on me). The kicker was that I'm WAAAYYYY older than my sister (who is 10 years my senior, thank you very much) because I'm taller than her. Do you remember thinking this when you were little? That height = seniority? It totally brings me back to that time when short = young, tall = old, long hair = princess qualities, short hair = boy, pool - rich. Sadly, I also thought that friends with divorced parents = the luckiest kids on earth because they pretty much got to do whatever they wanted.
I'm going to pick Grace's brain a little bit more for these philosophies - I'm really curious to see the world again through a 5 year old's eyes.


Anonymous said...

I am six and a half feet tall... That's enough seniority for me. Obey me! (hahahahaha)

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator

Josie said...

My 17 yr old was commenting on a sports player retiring because he's really old - 36!! I'm 37!!

He was able to outrun me as I tried to smack him. He;s now sleeping with one eye open.