Monday, July 26, 2010

Jo and I have camped. We've camped a lot, Jo and I. The two of us have greatly enjoyed camping. We make a great couple at camping. A flawless pair, a real dynamic duo. And we are going to do it again. But with two little edits to our past experiences. Two little edits named Grace and Edie.

Jo and I were certainly the types who stated that having babies would not prevent us from our adventures. Once pregnant, we bought one of those fancy backpacks you stick your babe in and planned on lacing up the hiking shoes. Then the kids actually came. And I became a neurotic scheduler. Naps and bedtime were to take place at a certain time in one's own crib/bed. And I became neurotic about a lot of other things (I can sterilized anything with one hand strapped behind my back and closed eyes). And I became the queen of the what-ifs (what if they cry/get sick//lost/bitten/lifted by hawks/adopted by wolves/swallowed by the earth or god forbid GET THROWN OFF THEIR SCHEDULE and so we never went.

Well, I'm happy to say that the post-partum fog lifted years ago (I don't even use hand sanitizer anymore and bedtime is merely a suggestion in the summer months), but a series of events have prevented us from taking camping trips.

This summer we are heading off. I'm excited. I'm also a little apprehensive for a few reasons, but am trying not to dwell on them. For example, for she-who-likes-to-be-swathed-in-velvet, how will she react to the humble sleeping bag? And for she-who-spikes-a-fever-upon-stubbing-her-toe, how will she navigate the tree-stump laden campsites? And of course Jo and I are a little softer now and a little spoiled; how will we-who-depend-on-the-coffee-maker-with-a-timer deal with making coffee ourselves over the little coleman stove (boil mother-effer!)? And what the eff do you cook for a family of 4 on a camping trip? Variations on the hot dog? I suppose we will learn all these things as we go along. If you have any tips though please pass them along!

*Oh, this is very important. We have borrowed a DS for Edie, who does not yet read. Do you have any game suggestions that don't require reading?
**the "effing" as opposed to the tradition f*%&ing is for Grace's benefit. She just caught on that I keep a blog.


Nat said...

I will watch my language. LOL.

There are DS games for the younger set, if you go to EB games you can get them used.

As for camping, we bought a Coleman stove with a grill attachment so it passes as a bbq. Supper menu for a three night trip usually: we slum it usually (burgers/sausages but have been known to do pasta (the fresh stuff cooks quickly), chicken breast (I have friends who marinade it), steak. I try to keep up with the veggies but am not always successful.

For breakfast: eggs/bacon; oatmeal; and those sample size of sugary cereal.

Also when The Boy was younger we used to pack his favourite fleece blanket and always always his pillow.

And for us old decrepit souls -- take my advice and pack lawn chairs. Your back will thank oyu.

Little Red Hen said...

We go camping for 3 nights once a year. That's all I can handle. The last couple of years we have been going out for dinner on one of the nights in the local town. It sounds princessy but it works wonders on your frame of mind to sit down to a hot meal that isn't bbqd in a place where there are no bugs. Other than that it's steak & hamburgers for us.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is a high-end hotel suite with room service in an interesting city. Now THAT'S a vacation!!