Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Put it on the Christmas list…..

As soon as the kids realized that there was television beyond Treehouse and TVO Kids, they were exposed to the world of commercials. And this time of year, as the Christmas machine kicks into high gear, the commercials become even more shiny, sparkly and appealing. Edie shouts at each commercial break “I want that!” She also dictated to my sister last week at Costco a list that would put the most efficient shopper to shame – she pretty much wanted everything she saw that was pink (I’m sure even the massive shrimp rings were pretty to her).

Grace has been quiet compared to her sister. She wants some more DS games and some Lego. That’s pretty much it. Oh, there’s one other thing – she thinks she might also like a foster child. She has seen pictures of children on the fridge’s of friends and family and is intrigued. She has seen one or two world vision ads on television. She is starting to understand that the things we take for granted (pencils, books) are a rarity for some children. And so, she would like a foster child for Christmas. Now, my issue with this is who to do it through? Who is reputable? How do you know the money is going where it is supposed to go? Jaded old me needs to know that what we give is going to who needs it. Do you have a foster child? Who do you go through?

I’m not sure Edie is ready for a foster child yet. She would likely be aghast that some children in the world don’t have pink tutus and tiaras and insist on sending the aforementioned in the mail.


Anonymous said...

What a nice Christmas wish. I'm sure if you do some Google research you'll find one that you're comfortable with.

mamatulip said...

I hear ya - the dawn of YTV in this household brought with it an insatiable desire for every single toy on the face of the planet. My daughter realizes that a lot of what's advertised on television is crap, but my son wants everything he sees on television. In the middle of every commercial, he says, "Mummy, can I have that?" Every. Single. Commercial.

When I was about eight, my mum and I sponsored a child. Every few weeks I would send her a care package - I really enjoyed finding neat things to send to her and I remember she would write me back, too. We did that for several years. I don't remember what program it was - World Vision rings a bell - but we got information from them every month, brochures and newsletters and stuff, telling us what was going on in our child's village and what they were using the money for. Do some research, there are definitely reputable organizations out there. I think it's a great idea.

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

talk to the maven. she did have one (and as far as i know still does but its not like regular conversation)

its funny cause i say the same thing 'how do you know that is where your money goes? did you see if anyone else has a picture of the same kid on their fridge? LOL

Nat said...

It's a great idea... my friend calls her folks a daughter a little Gandhi... sounds like you have one too.

Hannah said...

I would look for a foster program that has a non-religious angle. World Vision provides aid, but also is a missionary agency that looks to convert those it helps. Which is not cool.

She could also "adopt" an animal through WWF:

alison said...

Every Christmas I am so glad that we don't have cable/satellite. My kids are still watching TVO. They have very, very short Christmas lists. Children's advertising is insidious.

I think a foster child is a lovely idea. I have a friend with foster children, I'll ask her what organization she deals with.